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Finpecia buy no prescription


 Exciting News

Welcome to Valerie who’s moving to the 3 to 5 program from our Coast Meridian location.

Calendar of Events

3rd– Tumblebus

7th– Music class

15th– Father’s Day

19th– Tumblebus

20th– Fieldtrip Day

Dear Parents

Please return field trip forms by Friday, June 6th.   Thanks.

Emergency Kits

Are you interested in buying an emergency kit for your child? Survivormate offers individual emergency kits for children at daycare for $26.95.  Please talk to any of the staff if you’re interested.


Previous Month’s Activities

The children have shown interest in weather this past month.  Johana and Cailinn explored a rain stick while Dominic, Wyatt and William shook a pet tornado and observed it spin.  Moreover, Carly, Mason and Everly made a collage of different types of weather while at circle time, Aurora and Tio practiced identifying types of weather on cards.  Furthermore, AJ and Archer listened to the story It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles G. Shaw and manipulated the clouds felt pieces.  During outdoor play, Logan and Colton enjoyed mixing mud and rocks in their buckets on rainy days.

Scholastic Book Club

Q: What is a Scholastic Book Club?
A:  Book Clubs offer a convenient way to purchase the best books at huge discounts. Prices are as low as $1.99. Plus, if you’re ever dissatisfied with an item, you can return it for a full refund. Also, by participating in Scholastic Book Clubs, your child’s teacher can earn FREE teaching materials. Every order you or your child places helps earn Bonus Coupons that your child’s teacher can use to choose FREE classroom resources or FREE books for the classroom from each month’s Book Club.
Scholastic Canada is your partner in helping your child fall in love with books and become a great reader. That’s why we’re here. Happy Reading!

Q: How Does a Scholastic Book Club Work?

  1. Teachers distribute monthly flyers to their students.
  2. Students take the flyers home to select books, interactive learning tools, or other items with their parents.
  3. Students return order forms and payments to their teachers. You can write one cheque to Scholastic Canada Ltd., no matter how many of our Book Clubs you choose to order from.
  4. Teachers place the classroom order with Scholastic Canada.
  5. Within 3 weeks, the box of books arrives in the classroom. The day that the books arrive is an exciting one for students and teachers!



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