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Calendar of Events

Let’s welcome Lillabelle and Daniel and their families!

We also welcome Else as part of our staff team.  Meanwhile, Caitlin has moved back to the Coast Meridian location.

Calendar of Events

2nd– Archer’s birthday

8th– Music class

13th– Thanksgiving Day Holiday; centre will be closed


16th– Shake Out BC Day


22nd – Music class

31st– Halloween Party


The Great British Columbia Shake Out


On the third Thursday of October, thousands of British Columbians will “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” in The Great British Columbia ShakeOut, the largest earthquake drill in BC history! All individuals and families are encouraged to participate in the drill.

Register today at

Our centre has registered and the children will practice to Drop, Cover and Hold On.

Potty Training in 3 days (or a week)

Please check out this link if you’re interested:

Halloween Celebration


We are celebrating Halloween.  Children can bring their costumes.  We’ll have a special Halloween snack in the afternoon.  Parents are welcome to join us.

Previous Month’s Activities

The children showed great interest in pets this past month.  We had a pet store set-up and the children were excited to bring in their stuffed animals from home.  They learned how to take care of pets and what kinds of pets they can take care of.  We also went for a walk to Mr. Pets where we saw various kinds of birds, fish, rabbits, hedgehogs and guinea pigs.

Flu Shot


Shaughnessy Shoppers Drug Mart has offered to get parents and staff members vaccinated at the centre next month.  Please let us know if you prefer having the pharmacist come over in the afternoon rather than in the morning.  We will inform you of the scheduled time and date in the next coming days.



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