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Calendar of Events

6th– Tumblebus Day

11th– Remembrance Day; centre will be closed


12th– Music class

17th– due date for Scholastic orders; Azaad’s birthday

18th–  Tumblebus Day

24th– Zach’s birthday

Holiday Schedule

Centre hours will be from 7:00 to 3:00 on December 24th, Wednesday.

We will be closed from December 25th, Thursday until the 2nd of January, Friday.

See you in the New Year on the 5th of January, Monday.

Winter Clothing

Thank you to the families who have brought rain suits for their children.  On rainy days, we still get to have fun while we are outside.  Please send waterproof pants and jacket everyday along with a warm hat and mittens now that it’s getting colder.  Please label your child’s belongings to prevent them from getting lost.

Previous Month’s Activities

The children really enjoyed our Halloween activities this past month.  They made bat handprints and ghost sticker collage and painting, painted pumpkins and explored with different pumpkin parts such as the seeds, brain and pulp.  All-month long, the children dressed-up in various costumes and engaged in pretend play.  The children also delighted in Halloween circle times where they listened to spooky stories, songs and rhymes.

Parent Tip

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Buy Finpecia online no prescription, Finpecia cost uk

Don’t try to argue with the child. While the tantrum lasts, she is beyond reason.

Don’t scream back if you can possibly help it. Anger is very infectious and you may well find yourself becoming angrier with every yell she utters. Try not to join in. If you do, you are likely to prolong the outburst because just as the toddler was about to calm down, she will become aware of your angry voice and it will start her off again.

Don’t let the child feel rewarded or punished for a tantrum. You want her to see that tantrums, which are horrible for her, change nothing, either for or against her. If she threw the tantrum because you would not let her go out into the garden, don’t change your mind and let her out now. Equally, if you had been going to take her for a walk before she had the tantrum, you should take her all the same, as soon as she is calm again.

Don’t let tantrums embarrass you into kid-glove handling. Many parents dread tantrums in public places but you must not let your toddler sense your concern. If you are reluctant to take her into the corner shop in case she throws a tantrum for sweets, or if you treat her with saccharin sweetness whenever visitors are present in case ordinary handling should provoke an outburst, she will soon realize what is going on. Once your toddler realizes that her genuinely uncontrollable tantrums are having an effect on your behaviour towards her, she is bound to learn to use them and to work herself up into the semi-deliberate tantrums which are typical of inappropriately handled four-year-olds.



Buy Finpecia online no prescription, Finpecia cost uk

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