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Finpecia buy no prescription


Welcome to our brand new facility.  Thank you for taking time out to discover unit 103, which caters to our 3 to 5 program.

Welcome to Caleb and his family!

Calendar of Events


2nd– Opening of our brand new 3 to 5 facility

4th– Music class

9th– Family Day Holiday; centre will be closed

18th– Music class



We are planning to go green.  Would you prefer reading your child’s daily journals anytime or anywhere? Now you can.  Please sign-up on our E-mail registry so we can send out your child’s journal entries through e-mail.

Sharing Day

We appreciate parents’ support in making Sharing Day a success.  Thank you for letting your child bring toys from home only on Thursdays.

Previous Month’s Activities

The children have enjoyed various activities around construction:

–       exploring our pretend construction site at Fox Park with various trucks and diggers

–        building with blocks and Legos,

–       construction worker pretend play,

–       learning the name of construction tools/vehicles,

–       learning about safety signs, etc.

Current Interest

The children have shown interest in food.  We will learn about different food groups and nutrition.


Class Family Recipe Book

Please send in your favourite healthy family recipe.  We will put them together to make a Class Family Recipe Book.

Family Day 2015 Activities in Metro Vancouver


By Jon Azpiri, Global News

If you’re looking for something to do in Metro Vancouver on Family Day, there are a number of choices.

The YMCA is buy Finpecia online paypal. There are activities for all ages, everything from a dip in the pool to family Zumba and yoga classes.

If you’d rather spend time outdoors, the buy Finpecia online prescription.

Robson Square Ice Rink is safe buy Finpecia online and hot chocolate will be on the house from noon to 4 p.m.

Science World is hosting the legal buy Finpecia online with a suggested $25 family donation.

If you’re looking to hit the slopes, Whistler/Blackcomb is Finpecia to B.C. residents on Family Day.







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