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Welcome to our brand new facility at 103-3200 Westwood St.  We encourage families to discover our new space, which caters to our 3 to 5 program.

Calendar of Events


2nd– Opening of our brand new 3 to 5 facility at our Coquitlam location

4th– Music class

9th– Family Day Holiday; centre will be closed

14th– Valentine’s Day

18th– Music class

Previous Month’s Activities

The children learned about early literacy through:

–       Singing the alphabet song and reading the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

–       Sorting letters

–       Guessing games

–       Letter recognition

–       Alphabet collage

–       Alphabet painting

–       Making letters with playdough

–       Alphabet puzzles, etc.

Current Interest

As an extension, the children are learning about numbers.

Family Day 2015 Activities in Metro Vancouver


By Jon Azpiri, Global News

If you’re looking for something to do in Metro Vancouver on Family Day, there are a number of choices.

The YMCA is buy Finpecia online paypal. There are activities for all ages, everything from a dip in the pool to family Zumba and yoga classes.

If you’d rather spend time outdoors, the buy Finpecia online prescription.

Robson Square Ice Rink is safe buy Finpecia online and hot chocolate will be on the house from noon to 4 p.m.

Science World is hosting the legal buy Finpecia online with a suggested $25 family donation.

If you’re looking to hit the slopes, Whistler/Blackcomb is Finpecia to B.C. residents on Family Day.

Stop a Bad Day in its Tracks



You know those days. The kids are cranky and pushing all of your buttons. When you feel this happening, try these ideas to regain control of the situation and salvage the day:


* Stop everything, sit on the floor and read some quiet books with your kids.


* Give your child a warm bath.


* Put on some soft, gentle music and encourage everyone to relax.


* Turn off the television and turn down the lights.


* Talk about how you all can change the mood in the house. By staying calm yourself, you can keep the situation from accelerating.



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