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Welcome Ashley and her family.  We said goodbye to Nolan last month, who’ll be moving to a 3 to 5 program.

Calendar of Events

4th– Music class

10th– Scholastics order due

17th– St. Patrick’s Day

18th– Music class


We will be closed on April 3rd, Good Friday and on April 6th, Easter Monday.

Notice to Parents


This is a reminder to parents not to park in front of our neighbour’s garage.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Previous Month’s Activities

The children learned about sharing and cooperation this past month:

–       they were encouraged to clean up toys as a team after each play;

–       they engaged in cooperative art like mural painting, which encouraged them to share and take turns;

–       they participated in music and movement activities like Hokey Pokey, Ring-around-a-rosy and Roly-poly dance;

–       they practiced building together with blocks and manipulatives like Kinex, Mr. Potato Head, etc.

Current Interest

The children have taken interest in forest animals.

Upcoming Community Events


Easter Extravaganza!

Sunday, April 5

10:00 am ‐ 2:00 pm

Port Moody Station Museum

2734 Murray Street, Port Moody

Come and enjoy a day full of entertainment! There will be a magician, dancing dogs, a scavenger hunt, story time on the railcar and many crafts and games! $5/person


Fingerling Festival

Saturday, May 2

11:00 am ‐ 3:00 pm

Port Moody Recreation Centre

300 Ioco Road, Port Moody

This annual event can be enjoyed by the whole family! Release young chum salmon from the hatchery into Noons Creek and help them on their four year journey in the Pacific Ocean. Buckets are provided free of charge. Donations are accepted.

Tri-Cities Healthy Kids Fair

Thursday, April 23

9:30 am ‐ 12:30 pm

Port Coquitlam Recreation Complex

2150 Wilson Avenue

Community partners will be available to provide parents of tots and preschoolers with information on safety, health, literacy awareness, recreation and other community programs.

Admission is free.

Queens Park Petting Farm

Victoria Day to Labour Day

10:00 am ‐ 5:30 pm

6th & McBride, New Westminster

The Queen’s Park Petting Farm is a unique opportunity for children to learn about and have direct contact with a wide assortment of common farm animals. Enjoy the nearby spray park and visit the Rainbow Playground for a day of outdoor fun for the whole family. Admission is by donation.



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