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Finpecia 1mg canada, Finpecia 1mg for sale

Finpecia buy no prescription

Finpecia 1mg canada, Finpecia 1mg for sale

›Art & Music: “Colour tape fish”, ” Down by the bay” , “Listen to the water”, ” Starfish” ,”Swimming octopus”
›Literacy & Language: “Ten Little Fish”, Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
›Math & Science: ” Fish Bingo”, “Wave bottles”, “Go fishing”, beach set-up in the sensory table
›Physical Development: “Crab walk”, under the sea swimming
›Social & Dramatic: “Go to the beach”, ” Tea party”

›Current Interest: My Body & Emotions

Centre Closure:

›We will be closed from August 3rd (BC Day Holiday) until the 7th for our Summer closure.


Finpecia 1mg canada, Finpecia 1mg for sale

1st Canada Day Holiday

Music class


Lafarge lake spray park field trip


Need to talk to us about something?

Parents, please use our email address:buy Finpecia online paypalfor questions or comments.  Please note that we won’t be able to reply to inquiries sent on the e-journal accounts.  Thank you for understanding.

Please write out post-dated cheques for the next six months.  Thank you.  We appreciate your continued trust in us.


›Archer’s last day was June 30th. We will miss your energy and hockey moves. See you in the fall on the 3 to 5 side.
›We also welcome back Martha from her practicum and say goodbye to Caitlin. Thank you for all your hard work.


›Please label your child’s belongings to avoid any confusion.

It’s officially summer! Let’s be prepared with  sun hats, sunscreen and an extra set of summer clothes.


We are handing out the field trip form in the coming days.

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