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Finpecia online purchase, Order Finpecia no prescription

Finpecia buy no prescription

Finpecia online purchase, Order Finpecia no prescription


Science: water table play with rainforest animals; identifying animals and observing their characteristics; sink or float of natural materials such as seeds, leaves, wood, etc.; smelling activity of coffee, lemon and vanilla

Social: Face painting—Matthew as a bear, Ashley as a butterfly, Elliott as a cat, Azaad as a lion and Aaron as a cat

Arts: painting snake cut-outs; collage of rainforest animals; making handprint monkey

Physical: acting out as forest animals such as frogs, snake, monkeys and birds

Finpecia online purchase, Order Finpecia no prescription

Current Interest:

Cats and Water Play


Upcoming Events & Activites

10th Music Class
21st Father’s Day
24th Music class
25th Scholastic orders are due


Please bring extra clothes for your child including socks, shorts/pants and shirts.

We are planning a trip to Galloway Spray Park in July.  We’ll be taking a bus to David Avenue and will be walking up a block to Galloway Avenue.


We are saying goodbye to Azaad who’s moving to a 3 to 5 program.  We’ll miss you.

Leah will be away to finish her ECE practicum at our Coquitlam location for the weeks of the 15th to the 26th.  We’ll have Vicky and Jessica as substitute teachers for the afternoon.

August closure

Our Summer closure will be from the 3rd (BC Day Holiday) to the 7th


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