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Fruits and Vegetables

Art & Music: “Cinnamon Apple Art”,”Handprint Leaves”, “Vegetable Printing”, “Footprint Carrots”,”Vegetable Alphabet song”, ” Family of Peas”, ” Five Little Apples”
›Literacy & Language: “Name that fruit”, “Very Hungry Catapillar”

›Math & Science: “Fruit Sorting”, “Coloured Fruit Matching”

›Physical Development: “Popping Peas”

›Social & Dramatic: “I am a little apple” ,”Market”


Current Interest:

Bears and Trucks


Buy cheap Finpecia online, Cheapest way to buy Finpecia

1st – Music Class

6th – Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

12th – Thanksgiving – Centre Closed

13th – Circle Time with Terry Fox Librarian

15th – Music Class & Shake Out BC (Earthquake Drill)

21st – Scholastic book orders due

24th – Amelia’s Birthday

28th – Music Class

30th Halloween Costume Party



Scholastic Parent Pay

Parents can now pay online by credit card. Parent Pay is a new quick, easy online way for parents to pay for their Reading Club orders. Just visit



We would like to welcome Portia and her family. Cailinn moves to the 3-5 program this month.


Shake Out BC


Join us in practicing how to Drop, Cover and Hold On during Great Shake Out Earthquake Drills throughout BC.

Halloween Party

We are having a party on the 30th, Friday.  We encourage children to bring costume.  Feel free to bring healthy snack to share with everyone. We’ll start the party at 4:30


Flu season is upon us so please be mindful if your child is sick to please keep them home as to minimize the chances of other children and staff becoming sick. Thank you.

Please be sure to look for plastic bags of soiled or wet clothes to go home in your child’s cubby at pick up time daily. Thank you for you consideration.

The rainy season is upon us so please ensure you have appropriate rain gear or muddy buddies for your child as well as changes of clothes as back ups. Thank you.

We are still waiting for some family photos. Please bring one if you haven’t already.  Thanks.



Vancouver Tumblebus
Are you interested in signing up your child on the Tumblebus?  Please let us know.  You can check out their website at for more information.

Terry Fox Foundation
Thank you for your donation.  We’ve collected $26.00 from our National School Run fundraising.
Holidays Closure

December 24th- centre closes at 2:00
December 25th until January 1st- centre closed
January 4th- centre re-opens

Christmas Party

Santa Claus and Mrs. Santa are coming to our centre.  Please save the date: December 11th.  Santa arrives at 4:30 for a special performance and photo opportunities.
Parents, please use our email address: buy Finpecia online paypal for questions or comments.  Feel free to talk to the teachers about reminders too.  Please note that we won’t be able to reply to inquiries sent on the e-journal accounts.  Thank you for understanding.


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