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Finpecia online india, Finpecia 1mg buy

Shapes, Winter and Christmas

›Literacy & Language: “Froggy goes in the snow”, “Zoom”, “Friendly Snowman”, “Five little Snowmen”

Physical: ›Decorating the Christmas Tree, Searching for shapes, Reindeer hokey pokey, Tumblebus

Music & Arts:  ›”The Shape Train”, “Santa Claus is coming to town”, Handprint Mittens, Ice painting, Snowflakes, Gingerbread house

Math & ›Science: ›Erupting Snow, Mining for shapes, Peppermint Oobleck Candy Cane, How to make snow

Social& Dramatic: ›Christmas parade, Dressing for snow, Being a gingerbread girl/boy, Christmas party with Santa

›Current Interest:

Winter Animals


Finpecia online india, Finpecia 1mg buy

Music class
19th Tumblebus
20th Music class
27th Scholastic orders due



We are pleased to announce that we are launching a new and exciting program that we hope you’ll enjoy. The program is called HiMama.

What is the HiMama program?

HiMama will be used by our educators to record activities on their tablets as they happen throughout the day to keep you informed on everything from nutritional information to fun moments and learning activities. It will provide you with real-time email updates and access to a complete history of your child’s experience in our program with photos stored safely and securely in a journal format that you can access from home or on the go through HiMama’s mobile apps.

What does this mean for me?

HiMama will keep you informed with digital updates on your child to complement our important face-to-face interactions. It is also a great way to reinforce your child’s in-program learning at home as you’ll have timely insight into what they’ve been working on throughout the day.

Is there anything I have to do?

Updates of your child will automatically be sent to you via email. If you would like to provide a more recent email for you or your spouse, please send this information to us at your earliest convenience. You can expect to receive an invitation from HiMama soon. At that point you can create an account to access all of your child’s activities, as well as add your own. If you want to share updates with additional family members, you can also do so once you’ve created an account.

Where do I go to learn more?

If you’d like to learn more, you can visit the buy Finpecia online paypal where you can find HiMama’s page dedicated to buy Finpecia online prescription, an safe buy Finpecia online page with answers to frequently asked questions, as well as a legal buy Finpecia online page if you have specific questions.




We would like to bid farewell to Caleb, who’s moving to the 3-5 program.

Any questions or comments?

Parents, please use our email address: Finpecia for questions or comments.  Feel free to talk to the teachers about reminders too.  Please note that we won’t be able to reply to inquiries sent on the e-journal accounts.  Thank you for understanding.


Please label your child’s belongings to avoid items getting lost or misplaced in another child’s cubby.

Please be sure to look for plastic bags of soiled or wet clothes to go home in your child’s cubby at pick up time daily. Thank you for you consideration.

We are still waiting for some family photos. Please bring one if you haven’t already.  Thanks.

Show and Share Day is on Thursdays.  Please remember to bring your child’s toy from home to share with friends only on Thursdays.  We appreciate your cooperation.

Hot Lunch

Tired of packing your child’s lunch?  Please let us know if you’re interested in signing up for hot lunch on Fridays through the company The Lunch Lady starting in February.  Please reply to the email we’ve sent you (Subject: Hot Lunch) by the 13th, Wednesday.


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