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Finpecia, Buy Finpecia online canada

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Finpecia, Buy Finpecia online canada

Christmas and Winter

›Literacy: Five Reindeers, Santa’s bust day, Elf, gingerbread felt story, Pete the Cat, etc.

Music:  singing with bells, learning Christmas songs and jingles, S-A-N-T-A, etc.

›Arts: snow men art, icicles, reindeer antlers, colouring Santa, Christmas stickers collage, exploring with clay, foot print sleighs, hand pint reindeers, sponge painting bricks for the fireplace, etc.

Math: Santa bingo, Five Little Penguins, etc.

Science: milk and food colouring experiment, cotton balls as snow balls sensory activity, etc.

Current Interest:

Family and Hibernation


Finpecia, Buy Finpecia online canada

Music class
15th Tumblebus
21st Music class
27th Scholastic orders due
29th Tumblebus



Need to talk to us about something? Any reminders or comments?

Parents, please use our email address: buy Finpecia online paypal for questions or comments.  Feel free to talk to the teachers about reminders too.  Please note that we won’t be able to reply to inquiries sent on the e-journal accounts.  Thank you for understanding.



We would like to welcome Jaselle and her family.

Scholastic Parent Pay

Parents can now pay online by credit card. Parent Pay is a new quick, easy online way for parents to pay for their Reading Club orders. Just visit


Leah has given birth to a healthy baby girl named Daveen on January 5th.



Please be sure to look for plastic bags of soiled or wet clothes to go home in your child’s cubby at pick up time daily. Thank you for you consideration.

We are still waiting for some family photos. Please bring one if you haven’t already.  Thanks.


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