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Centre Policies

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The Early Learning Childcare Centre has a role in helping children become self-disciplined & to develop socially acceptable & appropriate behaviours. We provide the necessary environment where children are treated with respect, staff are caring & activities are planned based on children’s needs.

We recognize each child as an individual whose age, experiences, environment, developmental level & family background influence his or her behaviour.
We understand the needs of children & how to meet those needs by providing appropriate environments & activities.

Positive Guidance Strategies

  1. Plan for positive outcomes: Plan for the needs of the children, their developmental level & personality. Arrange the environment to meet the needs. Be aware of the physical & emotional environment & intervene before the activities deteriorate.
  2. Recognize positive behaviours: Show your genuine feelings when children are engaged in positive behaviour (positive for the child and the group). Reinforce positive behaviours as children often feel the only way they can get attention is by causing problems.
  3. Project a cheerful attitude: Be enthusiastic & call upon your sense of humour. Let children appreciate the funny side of things.
  4. Offer choices: Choices must be real choices that are clearly understood by the child & acceptable to both the child and you.
  5. Give praise & compliments: Praise is given for what children do or accomplish, it is not flattery. Non-verbal or indirect praise can reinforce children’s good feelings about themselves. Non-verbal praise includes a smile, nod, & a pat on the shoulder. Encourage children. Encouragement indicates we appreciate the child’s effort. Encouragement helps strengthen their self-confidence.
  6. Relate clear messages: Make requests in clear, precise terms in keeping with the child’s developmental level. Say what you want to happen, not what you don’t want to happen.
  7. Do not reinforce inappropriate behaviour: If using this method, all staff must work together so that one staff person is not reinforcing the poor behaviour that others are ignoring. At times, the child may need to be removed from the group or the group from the child.
  8. Be flexible: Sometimes you can change your mind but safety must be maintained. Rules can change if it is sensible and appropriate to change them.
  9. Use natural or logical consequences: Clarifying logical consequences can help develop understanding and self-discipline. Have the group decide most consequences before the behaviour occurs.
  10. Promote discussion: Let the children own the problem, assist them to talk & listen to each other. They have the power to change & make appropriate decisions. This could include the child wanting to be on his or her own.
  11. Provide time on own: In some situations, a child may need time away from peers to cool down & or to regenerate. The child may choose to do an activity on his or her own (to kick a ball or read a book) or staff may use as a strategy to help a child regarding composure. For the child, this can be a “face saving” exit from a situation. There are no time limits put on how long the child is to work on his or her own. Allow the child to determine when he or she is ready to return. Reinforce that it is the behaviour that is the problem not the child.
  12. Recognize your own anger: Working with children at times can be frustrating. Learn to recognize your own anger & why you feel annoyed, take steps to express your anger rationally & appropriately. Model for the children how to express anger & frustration in an appropriate way. End the conflict on a positive note. If you cannot get your feelings under control, withdraw from the situation. It is good teamwork to ask a colleague to step in for you or for a colleague to intervene when he or she sees a situation escalating.
  13. Model: Adults should model the behaviours & attitudes they want children to learn.
  14. Other resources: When a child has not responded to the above methods, consultation with other community resources may be necessary. Parents should be involved before this step occurs.

Prohibited Practices

The following are prohibited practices that put children at risk or inhibit growth, self-esteem and healthy development, thus unacceptable:

II. Health & Illness

The primary purpose of our health care policies & procedures is to protect, maintain & improve the health of each child in care.

Sick Policy

According to the health department, a child is considered too sick to attend when he/she has any of these symptoms:

-Staff will refer to the Sneezes and Diseases binder as to when a child is able to return.
-The child may NOT return to the centre until 24 hours after the above symptoms have subsided and is well enough to participate in all areas of the program including outdoor play.
-If a child comes to the centre ill, parents will be asked to find alternate care for that day.
-Children with a communicable disease may return to the centre upon doctor’s approval. Parents will be asked to bring a doctor’s note.
-Parents will be notified as soon as their child is determined ill. If the parent cannot be reached, other people listed on the emergency form or the child’s physician will be called.
-A comfortable and supervised space away from the other children in play will be allocated for the sick child while waiting for the parents to arrive. Staff will change soiled clothes, if necessary, and be as reassuring as possible.

Nonprescription medications as well as medications prescribed by a doctor can be administered. Prescribed medication must be in original container stating the child’s name, dosage & time to be given. Parents must complete the Consent to Administer Medication form. Medication is to be kept in the first aid cupboard away from the children or in a lockbox if needed to be refrigerated. In the event that a child gets a reaction to the medication, depending on severity, the parents and 911 will be called.
A record of children with emergency medication (e.g. Epipen, inhalers) will be posted on the fridge so staff are aware of what to do during an emergency and know when an emergency occurs.

Written record of each child’s immunizations must be on file. Children’s immunizations should be kept up to date. If a child is not immunized, a letter stating so must be provided. If an outbreak of a communicable disease occurs, the non-immunized child will not be allowed to come to the centre.

The Early Learning Childcare Centre will make every effort to accommodate children with allergies but cannot guarantee an allergen free environment. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that all information on their child’s allergies is kept current & to supply any necessary medication.

III. Nutrition

The Early Learning staff are expected to promote healthy eating and nutritional habits.

The following foods are cut lengthwise & crosswise for children:

Children are not to be served the following:

Staff must not:

IV. Safety

Our responsibility is to ensure children’s health, safety & security. Staff is responsible for establishing & implementing safety checks & maintaining appropriate levels of supervision as per divisional/regulatory standards.

Supervision Guidelines

Arrival & Monitoring

Departure & Release of a Child

A child will not be released to anyone other than a parent or guardian or an authorized person listed on the registration unless staff is notified in writing. Photo identification will be required to verify the identity of the person picking up your child. A child will not be released to a parent with a court order on file that restricts one’s access to the child. Instead, the child’s authorized pick-up list will be contacted.

A child will not be released from care when the person appears incapable of providing safe care (e.g. intoxication, drug use). Staff will suggest that the parent call a friend or taxi for alternate transportation. If an authorized person arrives to pick up a child and the person appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, staff needs to determine if the person will be driving the child home. If they answer yes then:

Children must be picked up by 6:00 pm or parents will be charged a late penalty of $1 per minute after getting three late warnings (noted on a Late Pick-up Notice you have initialled). Note that for any child not picked up by closing time, the following procedure will occur:

-includes not letting go of the rope and looking at one’s left then right before crossing the street.
-The children are not to be discussed with anyone along the route.
-No pictures can be taken of the children.
-A bag containing a First aid kit & children’s emergency consent forms is brought along. The staff should also bring a cellphone.

Accidents and Injuries

Guiding Principles

Abuse and Neglect

When a Child Discloses Abuse or Neglect
Children who may have been abused or neglected are particularly vulnerable. It is critical that, in responding to their needs, staff take every caution to avoid upsetting or traumatizing them any further. If the child is in immediate danger, staff should call police first. When talking to the child, be sensitive to his or her needs and follow the general guidelines below. Our primary role is to support the child, gather basic information and report it to a child welfare worker as quickly as possible.

Reporting Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect

Duty to Report
The Child, Family and Community Service Act requires that anyone who has reason to believe that a child has been or is likely to be abused or neglected, and that the parent is unwilling or unable to protect the child, must report the suspected abuse or neglect to a child welfare worker.

Reporting an Allegation of Abuse or Neglect

V. Emergencies

Communication with Families

Plans are posted next to the fire extinguisher. In the event of an emergency/earthquake where staff take children to the alternate meeting place, a notice will be posted on the front door to inform parents where to locate their child. The families are also informed about our out-of-area emergency contact number: 647-267-4451 on the Information/ Registration package, which is given when they enroll their child. It is also posted on the centre website and noted on the back of our business card, in which we ask parents to carry in their wallets. Also, emergency procedures are included in newsletters periodically.

Earthquake Policy

Earthquake drill will be practiced once a year and the date and time of drill will be recorded on the earthquake drill form. In the event of an earthquake, staff will help and assist the children to safety following appropriate procedures for their program areas.

Fire Policy

Fire drills will be practiced once a month by all children and staff. The date and time of the drill will be recorded on the fire drill form.

VI. Fees and Payment

Fees are due and payable on the 1st of each month. Parents will be asked for six (6) post-dated cheques for the period of January to June and another six (6) for the period of July to December. If starting in the middle of the period, the number of post-dated cheques should cover the number of remaining months.

It is necessary to pay the full fee in order to maintain the space despite of your child’s absence due to sickness or vacation and also during statutory holidays and centre closures (one week in August and one week in December). If part of the child care fee is paid through Ministry of Children and Family Development Child Care Subsidy, parents are responsible to apply for and keep current your child care subsidy and understand that you are responsible for the full child care fee if you fail to renew subsidy. Failure to pay the full child care fee can result in termination of your child care space.

A deposit of $300 is required to secure a space, which is refundable when a month’s notice of withdrawal from the centre is given.

An additional month’s fee will be charged if a month’s notice of withdrawal is not received. Upon withdrawal, if there are outstanding fees the Early Learning Childcare Centre may release your personal information to a third party collection agency for the purpose of recovering any outstanding debt. Deposit will not be refunded.

Repayment Agreement
A refund is applicable only when a notice of withdrawal is given a month before the start date of enrolment.