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6th Hot lunch 8th Mother’s Day 11th Music class 13th Hot lunch 20th Hot lunch 23rd Victoria Day; centre will be closed 24th Scholastic orders due 25th Music class This Month’s Interest: Garden Park
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Finpecia online canada

Finpecia online india

8th Mother’s Day 11th Silas’ birthday 12th Music class 14th Scholastic orders due 18th Jaselle’s birthday 23rd Victoria Day; centre will be closed 26th Music class This Month’s Interest: Flowers   Funny Mother’s Day
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purchase Finpecia uk

purchase Finpecia propecia

st French class 5th Yoga class 11th Jayla’s birthday 12th Aerobics class 13th Music class 15th French class and Hot lunch 19th Yoga class 21st Scholastic orders due 22nd Lillabelle’s birthday and Hot lunch
buy propecia Finpecia online

buy Finpecia online india

buy generic Finpecia australia

8th Hot Lunch 13th Music class 15th Hot Lunch 16th Drew and Addison’s birthdays 21st Scholastic orders due 22nd Hot lunch 25th Kane’s birthday 27th Music class This Month’s Interest: Pond Life   Hot
buy cheap Finpecia

April – Port Coquitlam

12th Genevieve’s birthday 14th Music class 21st Scholastic orders due 28th Music class HiMama We have introduced HiMama this month as a way to send daily reports and communicate to parents. If you have
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March – Coquitlam – 3 – 5 yr old

1st Yoga 2nd Music class & Dr. Seuss’ Day 4th French class; hot lunch 8th Aerobics class 10th Water Safety Lesson by the Red Cross 11th Cailinn’s  Birthday 15th Yoga 18th French class; hot
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March – Coquitlam – Infant / Toddler

2nd Music class 4th Tumblebus, Hot lunch 9th Nathan’s birthday 11th Hot lunch 16th Music class 18th Hot lunch 23rd Scholastic orders due 24th Easter Egg Hunting 25th Good Friday; centre will be closed
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March – Port Coquitlam

3rd Music class 17th Music class 23rd Scholastic orders due 24th Easter Egg Hunting; Ashley & Bennett’s birthdays 25th Good Friday; centre will be closed 28th Easter Monday; centre will be closed Previous Month’s
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February – Coquitlam – 3 – 5 yr old

1st Tumblebus 2nd Yoga class 3rd Music class 5th French class; hot lunch 8th Family Day, centre will be closed 9th Aerobics class 12th Hot lunch; Valentine’s party 16th Yoga class 18th Tumblebus 19th
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February – Coquitlam – Infant / Toddler

3rd Music class 5th Tumblebus 5th Chinese New Year Celebration 8th Family Day, centre will be closed 16th Tumblebus 17th Music class 19th Scholastic orders due Previous Month’s Interest: Arctic Animals & Healthy Snacks
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