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Previous Month’s Interest: Food, Bugs and Exploring our Sense of Touch ›Art & Music: “I am a Pizza”, “Ladybugs Fly”, Vegetable stamping, Rainbow noodles, Spider printing, ” Peanut Butter and Jelly ” ›Literacy & Language:
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Previous Month’s Interest: Shapes and Colours My Body and Me ›Literacy: recognizing letters; name tracing, Pete the Cat, shapes felt board story Music:  Head and Shoulders, Hokey Pokey ›Arts: body tracing, face yarn collage,
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Finpecia online

Previous Month’s Interest: Fall and Halloween ›Literacy: Letters G and H, Halloween vocabulary words, The story of Halloween, Autumn Leaves song, Five little pumpkins, Five little bats ›Arts: Leaf painting, Apple stamping, Finger painting
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Finpecia cost in india

Previous Month’s Interest: Animals that Live in Trees ›Art & Music: “Squirrel tails”, “Bird feeder with pinecones”, “Owl cop out” , “I am a Little Raccoon”, “Bird Stamping”,” Bird Nest” ›Literacy & Language: “5
Finpecia online pharmacy

Finpecia online canada

Previous Month’s Interest: Thanksgiving and Halloween ›Literacy: Halloween vocabulary words,  Halloween stories/books ›Arts: Thanksgiving head bands, turkey collage, Thanksgiving wreath, handprint turkeys, Halloween stickers collage, Frankenstein foot painting, decorating trick or treat bags, decorating pumpkins, hand
Finpecia online 1mg

Finpecia depression women

Previous Month’s Interest: All About Me Art: ›glueing tissue eye colour craft , things I like collage, my favourite colours shaving cream art, super ball paint box, apple stamping, etc. Science: ›mixing water colours
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Finpecia 1mg generic canada

Previous Month’s Interest: Fruits and Vegetables Art & Music: “Cinnamon Apple Art”,”Handprint Leaves”, “Vegetable Printing”, “Footprint Carrots”,”Vegetable Alphabet song”, ” Family of Peas”, ” Five Little Apples” ›Literacy & Language: “Name that fruit”, “Very Hungry
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Previous Month’s Interest: Pond Life   Art: lily pad with coffee filters collage, finger print ponds, painted frog and fish, pond mural painting, etc. Science: nature walk to a nearby pond; observed croaking frogs and dragonflies,
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  Previous Month’s Interest: Multiculturalism, the World and Continents, Space  Art: Hawaiian lays and Chinese lanterns, earth water colour pictures and Canada flag collages, group solar system (painting styrofoam balls on sticks), rocket ships
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Previous Month’s Interest: Household Items ›Art & Music: “The wheels on the stroller goes up and down”, old pots and pans with wooden spoons ›Literacy & Language: first words , flash Cards ›Math & Science: dancing raisins,
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