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Previous Month’s Interest: Shapes and Colours My Body and Me ›Literacy: recognizing letters; name tracing, Pete the Cat, shapes felt board story Music:  Head and Shoulders, Hokey Pokey ›Arts: body tracing, face yarn collage,
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Previous Month’s Interest: Fall and Halloween ›Literacy: Letters G and H, Halloween vocabulary words, The story of Halloween, Autumn Leaves song, Five little pumpkins, Five little bats ›Arts: Leaf painting, Apple stamping, Finger painting
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Previous Month’s Interest: Animals that Live in Trees ›Art & Music: “Squirrel tails”, “Bird feeder with pinecones”, “Owl cop out” , “I am a Little Raccoon”, “Bird Stamping”,” Bird Nest” ›Literacy & Language: “5
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Previous Month’s Interest: Thanksgiving and Halloween ›Literacy: Halloween vocabulary words,  Halloween stories/books ›Arts: Thanksgiving head bands, turkey collage, Thanksgiving wreath, handprint turkeys, Halloween stickers collage, Frankenstein foot painting, decorating trick or treat bags, decorating pumpkins, hand
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Previous Month’s Interest: All About Me Art: ›glueing tissue eye colour craft , things I like collage, my favourite colours shaving cream art, super ball paint box, apple stamping, etc. Science: ›mixing water colours
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Previous Month’s Interest: Fruits and Vegetables Art & Music: “Cinnamon Apple Art”,”Handprint Leaves”, “Vegetable Printing”, “Footprint Carrots”,”Vegetable Alphabet song”, ” Family of Peas”, ” Five Little Apples” ›Literacy & Language: “Name that fruit”, “Very Hungry
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Previous Month’s Interest: Pond Life   Art: lily pad with coffee filters collage, finger print ponds, painted frog and fish, pond mural painting, etc. Science: nature walk to a nearby pond; observed croaking frogs and dragonflies,
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  Previous Month’s Interest: Multiculturalism, the World and Continents, Space  Art: Hawaiian lays and Chinese lanterns, earth water colour pictures and Canada flag collages, group solar system (painting styrofoam balls on sticks), rocket ships
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Previous Month’s Interest: Household Items ›Art & Music: “The wheels on the stroller goes up and down”, old pots and pans with wooden spoons ›Literacy & Language: first words , flash Cards ›Math & Science: dancing raisins,
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Previous Month’s Interest: Dinosaurs ›Art: dinosaur bone with pasta collage, sticker dino art, dinosaur exploration in playdough, digging for dinosaurs in sand   ›Math & Science: learning about dinosaurs’ environment, food and characteristics; sorting dinosaur counters
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