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3rd Music class 5th Tumblebus 5th Chinese New Year Celebration 8th Family Day, centre will be closed 16th Tumblebus 17th Music class 19th Scholastic orders due Previous Month’s Interest: Arctic Animals & Healthy Snacks
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The Lunch Lady will now be serving our centre! Interested in signing-up for hot lunches every Friday?  It’s $4.00 per meal.  The menu will be posted in the beginning of each month. Please reply
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Previous Month’s Interest: Christmas and Winter Animals ›Literacy: How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Christmas vocabulary words, Itsy Bitsy Snowman, The Midnight Express Physical:  penguin walk race, bowling for presents, Tumblebus, snow angels, freeze tag,
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Previous Month’s Interest: Shapes, Winter and Christmas ›Literacy & Language: “Froggy goes in the snow”, “Zoom”, “Friendly Snowman”, “Five little Snowmen” Physical: ›Decorating the Christmas Tree, Searching for shapes, Reindeer hokey pokey, Tumblebus Music & Arts:
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Finpecia online canada

Previous Month’s Interest: Christmas and Winter ›Literacy: Five Reindeers, Santa’s bust day, Elf, gingerbread felt story, Pete the Cat, etc. Music:  singing with bells, learning Christmas songs and jingles, S-A-N-T-A, etc. ›Arts: snow men
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Finpecia depression women

Previous Month’s Interest: Numbers and Letters ›Literacy: Hungry bunny, wildlife ABC’s, It’s addition, It’s subtraction, comparing numbers, Its a shape, It’s a pattern Physical: ABC hop scotch, jump on the letter line Line, What
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Finpecia 1mg generic canada

Previous Month’s Interest: Food, Bugs and Exploring our Sense of Touch ›Art & Music: “I am a Pizza”, “Ladybugs Fly”, Vegetable stamping, Rainbow noodles, Spider printing, ” Peanut Butter and Jelly ” ›Literacy & Language:
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Finpecia generico

Previous Month’s Interest: Shapes and Colours My Body and Me ›Literacy: recognizing letters; name tracing, Pete the Cat, shapes felt board story Music:  Head and Shoulders, Hokey Pokey ›Arts: body tracing, face yarn collage,
Finpecia generic vs propecia

topical Finpecia purchase

Previous Month’s Interest: Fall and Halloween ›Literacy: Letters G and H, Halloween vocabulary words, The story of Halloween, Autumn Leaves song, Five little pumpkins, Five little bats ›Arts: Leaf painting, Apple stamping, Finger painting
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Previous Month’s Interest: Animals that Live in Trees ›Art & Music: “Squirrel tails”, “Bird feeder with pinecones”, “Owl cop out” , “I am a Little Raccoon”, “Bird Stamping”,” Bird Nest” ›Literacy & Language: “5
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