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AUGUST 2016 28 FAMILY DAY @ OLD ORCHARD PARK IN PORT MOODY Birthdays 1st- Adam & Lucas Yapor 3rd- Elliott 20th- Tio CALENDAR OF EVENTS Infant Toddler 17th & 31st Music class 3-5 9th
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Upcoming Events & Activites 1st Nigel’s birthday 13th Nigel’s birthday celebration on the Tumble bus  19th Music class 20th Tio’s birthday 27th Jackson’s birthday Previous Month’s Interest: water, beach, sports, summer, letter A ›Arts: 
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Upcoming Events & Activites 1st Adam and Lucas’ birthday 19th Music class 21st Lafarge lake spray park field trip Previous Month’s Interest: My Body   ›Art & Music: “Hello to your toes”, ” Foot
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Previous Month’s Interest: water The weather’s been hot and the children have been cooling down by exploring with water. scooping, pouring, stirring and measuring water creating an under the sea world in a jar
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