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Previous Month’s Interest: Household Items ›Art & Music: “The wheels on the stroller goes up and down”, old pots and pans with wooden spoons ›Literacy & Language: first words , flash Cards ›Math & Science: dancing raisins,
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Previous Month’s Interest: Dinosaurs ›Art: dinosaur bone with pasta collage, sticker dino art, dinosaur exploration in playdough, digging for dinosaurs in sand   ›Math & Science: learning about dinosaurs’ environment, food and characteristics; sorting dinosaur counters
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Upcoming Events & Activites 3rd Elliott’s birthday 19th Music class 19th Matthew’s birthday Previous Month’s Interest: Picnic and Summer ›Art: bucket art, collage with sand and pictures of river, boat, etc, sand painting, flowers
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Upcoming Events & Activites 1st Nigel’s birthday 13th Nigel’s birthday celebration on the Tumble bus  19th Music class 20th Tio’s birthday 27th Jackson’s birthday Previous Month’s Interest: water, beach, sports, summer, letter A ›Arts: 
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Upcoming Events & Activites 1st Adam and Lucas’ birthday 19th Music class 21st Lafarge lake spray park field trip Previous Month’s Interest: My Body   ›Art & Music: “Hello to your toes”, ” Foot
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  News Welcome Ashley and her family.  We said goodbye to Nolan last month, who’ll be moving to a 3 to 5 program. Calendar of Events 4th– Music class 10th– Scholastics order due 17th–
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Finpecia 1mg generic canada

  News Welcome Ashley and her family.  We said goodbye to Nolan last month, who’ll be moving to a 3 to 5 program. Calendar of Events 4th– Music class 10th– Scholastics order due 17th–
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News Welcome to our brand new facility.  Thank you for taking time out to discover unit 103, which caters to our 3 to 5 program. Calendar of Events   2nd– Opening of our brand
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News Welcome to our brand new facility.  Thank you for taking time out to discover unit 103, which caters to our 3 to 5 program. Welcome to Caleb and his family! Calendar of Events
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buy Finpecia 1mg canada

  News Welcome to our brand new facility at 103-3200 Westwood St.  We encourage families to discover our new space, which caters to our 3 to 5 program. Calendar of Events   2nd– Opening
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