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Hi Everyone! Wow! What an amazing feeling to be considered one of the best preschools in Port Coquitlam. We are deeply honoured just to be mentioned in the same breath as Alegria Childcare and
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Hello Hello Hello!   Happy 150th Birthday for our dear Canada! Alongside this, we have some great news! Our family has grown into more than 80% of capacity! We encourage if you have families
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Hi Everyone! We are so excited to share that we have opened our Barnet Centre last April 3rd.We are also blessed that we had families to open it with us. We are currently 25%
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WELCOME & GOODBYE We welcome Addison, Drew, Oliver, Grayson, Jesse, Dan (3-5), Emma, Austin (Westwood Infant Toddler), Marcus (Coast Meridian) and their families. We say goodbye to Mohammad and his family at the end
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Finpecia online canada

FIRST KARATE CLASS by Brian Purves of Westwood Goju-Ryu School of Karate NOVEMBER 16 We are happy to offer a new class for our three to five year olds. Tomorrow will be our first
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WE ARE HAVING A FIELD TRIP TO SCIENCE WORLD. OCTOBER 28TH, FRIDAY We have planned a trip to Science World where your child will explore the Feature Exhibition, “Zoom into Nano,” Kidspace Gallery, Search
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Finpecia 1mg generic canada

“There’s something about Autumn that wakes up our senses and reminds us to live…” WELCOMES & GOODBYES We welcome Ashley (3-5), Benjamin, Nate (Coast Meridian) and their families. We say goodbye to Genevieve (Coast
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LITTLE FOX RUN Millions of students across Canada take part in Terry Fox School Runs every year, making it one of the largest fundraising events in Canadian history. We are running for a cause.
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AUGUST 2016 28 FAMILY DAY @ OLD ORCHARD PARK IN PORT MOODY Birthdays 1st- Adam & Lucas Yapor 3rd- Elliott 20th- Tio CALENDAR OF EVENTS Infant Toddler 17th & 31st Music class 3-5 9th
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JULY 2016 21 COAST MERIDIAN FIELD TRIP @ GALLOWAY SPRAY PARK Birthdays 2nd Aaron 4th Misa 5th Arvin 7th Aurora 31st Ari CALENDAR OF EVENTS Infant Toddler 6th & 20th Music class 3-5 6th
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