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March – Westwood



Welcome to Archer, Aurora, Everly, Cailinn and their families!

We’d also like to welcome Ensieh Bayat to our centre. She ran her own daycare for many years then she decided to take up Early Childhood Education.  She also has her Infant and Toddler certification.  Her passion in working with children and her organizational skills will be great assets to our growing team.

Calendar of Events

11th– Music class; Cailinn’s birthday

21st– Logan’s birthday

26th– Music class

Dear Parents

Do you have recyclables such as cardboards, bubble wrap, buttons, yarns, ribbons, various type of paper, etc. that the children can use for arts and crafts?  Please bring them to the centre.  We appreciate your help.

Music Class

Starting this month, we’re pleased to offer music classes instructed by David Cooper, a music teacher and a children’s performer.  Since 1998, he has performed as Zox of the Forest and had since branched into teaching music and drama in daycares.  His program consists of songs, puppetry, storytelling, learning songs from different countries, and introducing new instruments to the children.  You can visit www.zoxoftheforest.com for more information. Our centre had signed up for bi-weekly sessions.

Dance & Movement Class


We are holding dance and movement sessions with Jasmine every Friday.  She’ll use props such as pictures, scarves, headdresses, etc. as children move and dance to a variety of songs.

Previous Month’s Activities

On our daily trips to the park, the children have observed the construction zone on Davies Avenue, which sparked the interest in construction.   The children watched and heard the construction workers and trucks at work.  We also met Gabriella, our very friendly flag person.

Jadeh and Carly learned about construction signs and their meanings.  They also identified various construction trucks and tools. Meanwhile, Johana and Logan manipulated the construction trucks.  Archer and AJ were pounding on the blocks with a hammer.  Tio and Daniel pretended to be construction workers, wearing hard hats and tool belts.


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