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April – Westwood



Welcome to Dominic and his family!

Calendar of Events

2nd – Music class

8th– Tumblebus

16th– Music class

17th– Easter Egg Hunting

18th– Good Friday; centre closed

21st– Easter Monday; centre closed

24th– Tumblebus

Dear Parents


Please have your payment and consent form ready before the first Tumblebus session.  You can pay in cash or cheque to Vancouver Tumblebus.  Thank you.

Please note that the Tumblebus sessions are scheduled from 4:00- 4:45.

Thank you to the families who have brought in their photos.  We hope to have everyone’s family pictures by the end of the month.  We appreciate your help.

Music Class


We are happy to announce that we have a new music teacher.  Her name is Charlene Dubrule from the company Music for Young Children.  You can visit their website at www.myc.com for more information.  We’ve scheduled this class on Wednesdays at 9:30.



We are planning a field trip in June.  We have a few ideas of where to go but we welcome your suggestions.  We also want to know who could come to accompany their child.  We look forward to your feedback.


Dear parents, what are your thoughts on having your child learn some French from a qualified instructor using multiple learning kits including music, songs and pictures?

Previous Month’s Activities


The children took an interest in bugs and plants this past month.  AJ, Logan and Cailinn explored our sensory table with natural objects such as twigs, leaves and pinecones along with artificial bugs.  Johana liked feeling a ladybug on her palm.

Aurora, Tio and Archer helped plant some grass seeds.  Meanwhile, Dominic, Carly, Everly and Jadeh each planted some beans in his or her own pot.

In the coming days, we’ll be taking care of our plants and observe them grow.


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