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August – Coquitlam – Infant / Toddler

Upcoming Events & Activites

1stAdam and Lucas’ birthday

Music class


Lafarge lake spray park field trip

Previous Month’s Interest: My Body


›Art & Music: “Hello to your toes”, ” Foot Prints”, ” Hokey Pokey”, ” Head shoulder knees and Toes” , ” This is the way…”, ” My Hair”

›Literacy & Language: “If you happy and know it” , ” ABC Doctor”, “Me first” , “Name of fingers”

›Math & Science: ” Measuring me”, “Cold or Warm?”, “Smelling with my nose”,”Tracing my body”

›Physical Development: “Washing Wagon”, “Yoga”

›Social & Dramatic: “Check-up my Body”, “I can dress myself”


›Current Interest: Water & Household Items


First Aid Kit

It is our emergency policy to keep an earthquake/emergency kit in the centre for the children.  However, we highly encourage parents to purchase an individual first aid kit for your child.  

For $33.95, Survivormate Critter Kids Kit includes emergency food and water, first aid kit and more.  Please visit their website www.survivormate.com for more information.

You can let any of the teachers know if you’re interested.



›Let’s give a warm welcome to Kendall, Amelia and their families.

›Let’s also welcome Julie, a future Early Childhood Educator, who’s volunteering her time with us this month.



It looks like it’s going to be another rainy Friday on the 14th.  We were hoping to schedule the field trip to this Friday but weather websites are forecasting rain.  We apologize for another change.  We are re-scheduling the field trip to the 21st, Friday. 

Please let us know your thoughts.  Thank you for understanding.



›The summer had been filled with unpredictable weather so let’s be as prepared as possible with all outerwear.

›Please label your child’s belongings to avoid any confusion.

We’re still waiting for your family photos.  It’d be great if you can give us your family photo if you haven’t yet already.  Thanks.



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