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August – Port Coquitlam

Upcoming Events & Activites

3rdElliott’s birthday

Music class


Matthew’s birthday

Previous Month’s Interest:

Picnic and Summer

›Art: bucket art, collage with sand and pictures of river, boat, etc, sand painting, flowers painting
›Music: If you’re happy and you know it, Row, row, row your boat, Teddy bear teddy bear turn around, Slippery fish

Language & Literacy: sand lettering, magnet letters, stories about going to the beach

›Math & Science: sink or float experiment, wet and dry sand, sorting shells, comparing volume (full or empty), ice experiment, colour mixing, number recognition, beach ball counting and colour recognition
›Social: Teddy bear picnic, field trip to a spray park

›Current Interest: Dinosaurs


First Aid Kit

It is our emergency policy to keep an earthquake/emergency kit in the centre for the children.  However, we highly encourage parents to purchase an individual first aid kit for your child.

For $33.95, Survivormate Critter Kids Kit includes emergency food and water, first aid kit and more.  Please visit their website www.survivormate.com for more information.

You can let any of the teachers know if you’re interested.


›We are saying goodbye to Dayton at the end of the month, who’s turning three years old.
Ensieh will be away for a couple of weeks this month to travel back to her home country.


›The summer had been filled with unpredictable weather so let’s be as prepared as possible with all outerwear.

›Please label your child’s belongings to avoid any confusion.

We’re still waiting for your family photos.  It’d be great if you can give us your family photo if you haven’t yet already.  Thanks.


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