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JULY 2016

2nd Aaron
4th Misa
5th Arvin
7th Aurora
31st Ari


Infant Toddler
6th & 20th Music class
6th & 20th Aerobics
7th & 21st Music class
8th & 22nd French class
13th & 27th Yoga

Hot Lunch on Fridays at Westwood


The centres will be closed from August 1st (BC Day) to the 5th. We wish everyone an amazing vacation.

We welcome Elliott, Amelia (3-5), Misa (Westwood Infant Toddler), Jack (Coast Meridian) and their families.

We said goodbye to Colton, Luke, Joshuah (3-5) and Aurora (Westwood Infant Toddler). This is also the last month for siblings Jackson (3-5) and Blake (Westwood Infant Toddler) whose family is moving to Kelowna. We wish everyone well. We will miss you.

Jessica from our 3-5 program has chosen a different path in her career and we wish her all the best. Jasmine will be moving from the Westwood Infant Toddler program as a great addition to the 3-5.

We have hired Nicole Cawley, a licensed Infant Toddler Educator who has years of experience in an under 36 months program to join Martha and Amanda. We still have Vicky and Shiva as our regular substitute teachers in the afternoons at both Coast Meridian and Westwood Infant and Toddler programs.

Amanda and Courtney are taking vacation days this month so we have Quilla, Yumi and Julia as our substitute teachers.

We’d like to welcome practicum students Rakhsara and Jason at our 3-5 program. Rakhsara will do a two-day observation while Jason will finish a 100-hour ECE practicum starting at the end of this month.

We have started sending out surveys to the 3-5 parents through Survey Monkey. The Infant Toddler surveys will come out in a few weeks. We encourage parents to take a few minutes to fill-out our ten-question survey. We value your feedback and honesty. Please be our partners in providing high-quality child care for your children.


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