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June – Port Coquitlam

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Father’s Day

Music class

Scholastic orders due

Parachute Safe Kids Week is from May 30th to June 5th

As you are aware, the rapid growth and development during early years lead children to explore their world without understanding the risks and consequences. As a result, they are more prone to falls, burns, choking and drowning.

Most people are surprised to learn that car crashes, drowning, fires and falls are leading causes of injury and death among BC children.

The good news is that the majority of childhood injuries are predictable and preventable and there is much we can do protect children from injuries.

This year is the 20th Anniversary of Safe Kids Week, a community campaign aimed at raising awareness about the prevention of childhood injuries at home, at play and on the road.

For more information about Safe Kids Week, the social media and event guide, parent safety tip sheets and to order a Community Toolkit, click here.

For more child injury prevention resources please see below links:

Concussion Awareness & Prevention

Preventing Childhood Burns Injury

Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome

Preventing children from Choking

Before leaving medication where a child can reach it, have a word with yourself

Before leaving your child unattended, have a word with yourself

You’re Probably Not Expecting a Child to Run Out On the Road



We’d like to say thank you to Kelsey for all her hard work and dedication for the past couple of weeks that she’s been with us. We wish her well in her career and upcoming wedding.

Vicky will be back with us in the afternoons with Eva.

Parent Surveys

We value your feedback. We will be sending out online surveys this month. We would appreciate your participation so we can improve our services for your children and your families.

Summer Closure

We will be closed on the BC Day week from August 1st to the 5th for our Summer closure.


If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please feel free to email us at tolearnearly@yahoo.com. You can also message us on HiMama. We’d like to know what you think. If you’d like us to add Dad’s email address too, just let us know. Thanks.


if there are any changes, please provide us an updated immunization record of your child. Thank you.


Let’s make sure we have light jackets, sun hats, sunscreen and an extra pair of clothes.

Please label your child’s belongings to avoid items getting lost or misplaced in another child’s cubby.

Please be sure to look for plastic bags of soiled or wet clothes to go home in your child’s cubby at pick up time daily. Thank you for you consideration.

We are still waiting for some family photos. Please bring one if you haven’t already. Thanks.


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