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September 2016


Millions of students across Canada take part in Terry Fox School Runs every year, making it one of the largest fundraising events in Canadian history.

We are running for a cause. Parents are welcome to run with us. We are asking for donation for your child’s participation. The proceeds will go directly to the Terry Fox Foundation.

We welcome Imaad, Alex and Husna (3-5), Darian and Elizabeth (Westwood Infant Toddler), George (Coast Meridian) and their families.


Shiva is taking her practicum for this month so she could have her full ECE. In the meantime, Yumi will be with us at the Westwood Infant Toddler.

We also have a new substitute teacher, Laura who has her ECE Assistant. She will be filling in for teachers away sick or on vacation.


We are a nut-free facility. Some of are children are extremely allergic from nuts. Please avoid sending nut-products in your child’s lunch bags. Thank you for your cooperation.

Let’s start the school year with items labelled with your child’s name to avoid them getting lost or misplaced.

Rainy season had begun so please make sure your child has his or her rain gear and boots in the centre.


Save cheques. Use Pre-authorized Debit.
Please ask for a form from any of the teachers.


We appreciate families taking time to join us for Family Day last month. We look forward to a bigger Family Day next year.


In regards to licensing requirements, and as a quality measure, we have a daycare supplied emergency kit for the children but we highly encourage if you can provide an individual kit for your child as well. This will include individual package of items. As the content of the large zip lock bag differs depending on your choice and on your child’s age, we would like to ask you to supply us with:

– non-perishable food (granola bar/ cereal bar/ fruit bars or small pack of crackers) (4 items)
– jars of baby food
– instant formula and empty bottle,
– bottled water or juice box (2 items),
– diapers (3 items),
– small pack of wipes,
– small toy comforter (optional),
– board book (optional),
– colouring book or scribble and erase (optional)
– rattle (optional),
– soother (optional),
– family photo (optional),
– bum cream (small jar or tube),
– small flashlight,
– change of clothes,

and anything that you consider important for your child that would increase his/her comfort. All food items should have long expiration date. Please be advised, that our ziplock bags should be lightweight. Each bag should be labeled with permanent marker with your child’s name. We appreciate your cooperation.


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