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  1. Is your centre licensed? What does it mean to be licensed by the Fraser Health?
    Yes, we are a licensed childcare centre offering group child care for Under three’s (10 months- 3 years) and Over three’s (3-5 years). We comply with the Provincial Child Care Licensing Regulation in terms of teacher-student ratio, staff qualifications, facility requirements, centre policies, programming, etc.
  2. What are your staffs’ qualifications?
    Our staff have their Early Childhood Education license from the BC Registry and current First Aid certification.



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  1. How do I register my child?
    Go to our Contact Page to email us your inquiry or call 604-475-4800 to speak to the staff.
  2. Is there a registration fee?
    There is no fee to register or get on the waitlist. We would be happy to give you a tour of the centre at your convenient time.
  3. How do I secure a spot?
    A deposit of $300 is required to secure a space, which is refundable when a month’s notice of withdrawal from the centre is given.



  1. What do I need to bring for my child?
    Please provide the following:

    • Extra clothes (socks, underwear, shirts, pants, etc.)
    • Indoor & outdoor shoes
    • Rain gear (boots, muddy buddies or rain pants)
    • Blanket (to be washed every Friday), favourite cuddly toy for sleeping
    • Prepared lunch to be served in a microwaveable container
    • Diapers & wipes
    • Winter coat, toque, mittens, scarf during winter
    • Sunscreen, sun hat during summer
    • Lunch, sippy cup, and milk bottles for infant and toddlers
    • Emergency kit

    Please label ALL your children’s belongings including food containers.

  2. What is your gradual entry process?

Even though your child may have other group experiences, this is a new environment with unfamiliar faces. The gradual entry process helps new children & families adjust to the centre. It allows time for your child to feel comfortable & familiar with staff and other children. We recognize that this process can be stressful for parents but by following this process, your child will feel more secure when you leave them for a whole day. You can arrange a friend or family member substitute you for any schedule difficulty.

Day I: Child attends for two hours to explore the new centre.
Parent remains with child.

Day II: Child attends for the morning as well as lunch.
Parent stays as long as child needs them but should leave once the child is comfortable to stay by him/herself.

Day III: Child stays until nap time.
Parent stays for a short time until their child is comfortable.

Day IV: Regular day

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday

7:00am to 6:00pm

We are closed for Statutory Holidays (Family Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, BC Day, Labour Day, Remembrance Day).

We are also closed on the (starting on BC Day Monday) a week in August and the last week of December during the Christmas holiday usually Christmas to New Year’s.