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Laetitia or Tish have taught English in China and Thailand in the past and have tutored French tutoring when she was in high school and university.

She was born in Paris, France. She moved to Canada when she was 5, but even though she did all her schooling in English, her parents made sure they always spoke French at home. Her husband is not fluent in French, but enjoys learning the language and hearing it around the home as I try to teach James (her son) to communicate in French as much as possible.

French is important to her as all of her extended family is in Europe and all of them speak French. She also work part-time as a Travel Agent, where she is focused and specialized on selling for France and Tahiti. At times she works on Olympic or Pan Am contracts, where she is in charge of everything flags. She gets all of the country flags approved, produced and put up in the venues. She then train the volunteers to raise the flags during the medals ceremonies.

It is important for her that the kids learn and retain information. Her goal is for them to learn basic French, focusing on things like: numbers, colours, alphabet, animals, some body parts, opposites and also for the kids to learn basic greetings, manners and stories.

She tries to find items the kids are familiar with in English and translate them to French. For example, stories like The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Tika Tika Boom Boom are used. She likes to teach by activating as many senses as possible with the use books and props for visual learners, songs and repetition with dance moves or hand motions for those who are more auditory learners. We are very lucky to have her on board! We hope to see you soon in one of her classes.

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