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Infant / Toddler

Daily Schedule
We follow a flexible routine that adjusts to children’s & families’ needs.



7:00Children & families are welcomed. Morning snack is offered. Activity areas are made available for children to explore with including art, water, books, dramatic area & blocks.
8:00Play opportunities continue. Snack is offered until 10:00 am. Gross-motor activities are also made available like dancing to music, exploring the gym & engaging in various sports.
9:00Diaper changing & toileting occur as necessary. Nap time for nappers. Non-nappers, engage in activities such as science experiments, circle time, music class, sensory-exploration & much more.
10:00Outdoor play begins. This includes riding cars, sand play, dramatic area, climber/slide/swing exploration, going on neighbourhood walks, etc.
11:00 In small groups, the children start coming in for lunch. Groups are determined according to children’s needs. Diaper changing & toileting occur as necessary. Quiet activities & stories are offered to calm down children for nap.
1:00Nap or rest time. Children are not required to sleep but are asked to rest on their mats/playpen before engaging in quiet activities.
3:00Afternoon snack is offered. Diaper changing & toileting occur as necessary. The children are divided into small groups depending on their play of interest (indoor or outdoor).
6:00Centre closes.