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coquitlam daycare curriculumThe Early Learning Curriculum is play-based. We value the fundamental significance of children’s play to their physical, emotional, cognitive, language and social development.

We offer safe and appropriate play experiences that are established from children’s everyday wonders and interests. Children are divided into small groups throughout the day, ensuring that each child gets the sufficient attention to meet his or her needs. In small groups, children can express themselves better and more freely, getting opportunities to choose activities that interest them.

At Early Learning Childcare Centre, children are valued and respected as individuals with unique needs. They are offered reasonable choices thus encouraging their independence and developing a sense of self.

Qualified early childhood educators conduct continuous observations as a tool for formulating a program that is significant to the children. These observations are used in planning activities which are then documented so parents are informed of their children’s play experiences. A specific board is allocated for observation and programming sheets along with photos and documentations of children’s play experiences. This will help families appreciate the value of play in their children’s lives as they see, read and experience early learning through play.

A wide variety of activities that are based on the children’s interests is offered at Early Learning Childcare Centre. These activities are tools in a child’s whole development (physical, emotional, cognitive and social).

Complimentary to our play-based curriculum and open-ended activities, the following programs are offered to further reinforce children’s development.


Children learn concepts of one-to-one correspondence, number recognition, counting, sorting, patterns, colours, shapes, etc. through puzzles, block play, board games, songs, worksheets, books and other materials that are part of children’s day-to-day lives.


We give children countless opportunities to explore, observe and experience nature and life with a focus on animals, plants, weather, planets and elements. Using various materials such as magnifiers, prisms, magnets and measuring tools, we support children in drawing inquiries and answers as they satisfy their curiosity.


A reading area is offered wherein children can read and get read to with a wide selection of books that rotate throughout the year. Meanwhile, an art table is an open-ended station wherein children can practice writing letters and numbers and enhance their fine-motor skills in cutting, typing, scribbling, stenciling, etc. Worksheets are also offered to 3 to 5 year old children to further prepare them for kindergarten.


We are happy to have Kati Magyar, owner and music therapist of Viva la Musica, as our music teacher. Besides having a music teacher, we encourage children to enjoy music in our programs by having songs in circle and having a music section, where children have access to musical instruments.

Physical Development

In our centres, we have created a indoor gym with different features such as climbing, sliding, jumping, throwing, running as well as having a dance and yoga classes for our 3-5 program. We also have an outdoor area close by to our Westwood location and a private outdoor space at Barnet and Coast Meridian.